Combat Role

Defense Stands on the frontline and reacts against enemy movements to control the flow of battle.

Offense Deals high damage, but vulnerable against enemy attacks.

Support Supports ally characters in various ways and manipulates the battlefield but lacks direct combat capabilities.

Combat Style

Melee Remains in close range with enemies throughout the battle dodging or guarding their attacks.

Mid-range Keeps moderate distance from enemies to harass them or support allies.

Ranged Provides the team's main source of damage from afar.


There are five different types of elements in Stella Fantasy : Red-Blue-Green-White-Black. All elements interact with each other as following.

Attack Type

Physical Physical attacks are reduced by enemy's armor stats.

Magical Magical attacks are reduced by enemy's resistance stats.


Combat Stats Five attributes (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intelligence, and Willpower) that directly affect character's combat performance.

Life-Content Stats Attributes that affect various non-combat contents such as crafting or game resource generation.


Active Skills Skills that can be activated by players during combats which are unique to each character.

Passive Skills Skills that are automatically applied to combat, crafting, and game resource generation by the character who owns them.

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