Game Flow

Every content in Stella Fantasy is designed to have organic connections which complement each other.

1. Town Management

Players will earn various resources by tending their private lands which are essential for crafting NFTs, progressing through the main storyline, and preparing for combats in Abyss Rifts.

2. Combat Gameplay

Well-developed characters will perform better in Abyss Rifts and return valuable assets such as character NFTs, crafting materials and even SFTYs, Stella Fantasy’s governance tokens, as rewards. The combat gameplay in Abyss Rifts is the core element of Stella Fantasy’s circular ecosystem flow and its reward structure.

3. NFT Crafting

Resources yielded from private lands and rewards earned by clearing Abyss Rifts are consumed when crafting valuable NFTs. These NFTs can be traded through the Marketplace or allocated into the player's team for character growth. Allocating NFTs into character growth will potentially unlock the player's ability to challenge for more difficult game contents for even better rewards.

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