Players can use NFTs to trade within Stella Fantasy community and generate revenue.


Characters are the foundation assets tied to Stella Fantasy's core gameplay and the first NFT assets that come across. Players can directly control owned characters and interact with them. Each character brings its own strengths and provides additional supports such as boosting game resource generation facilities or crafting gears. Players will continuously collect and upgrade various characters to their needs to strategize for growth in their potential utility through the game.

Players will face increasing needs for more powerful, enhanced characters as they progress through the game. Therefore, upgraded characters are expected to be rare and may be traded on the NFT marketplace.


Equipment in Stella Fantasy are NFTs, existing in forms of traditional fantasy-like appearances for ease of use.

Each equipment has 1 fixed innate attribute (fixed for its slot type) forming its fundamental NFT value. In addition to the fixed attribute, equipment can have 1~4 random additional attributes. This randomizing aspect of additional options grants each equipment "non-fungible" elements, creates unique value in game's ecosystem and serves as one of the core systems in GameFi.


Star Sanctum

  • Users can enhance “Stella Strike”, a Stella Fantasy’s key combat mechanism, by staking character NFTs in the Star Sanctum

  • Character NFTs have limited access to certain contents and become unavailable to list on the marketplace while they are staked in the Star Sanctum

  • Enhanced Stella Strikes help the users’ combat gameplay in various ways which may increase the overall performance within reward contents


Runes are scheduled for update in 2023

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