Players in Stella Fantasy can "Play-to-Earn" through various in-game contents. Stella Fantasy's diversified contents and rewarding methods provide the best fitting playstyle for every player.


  • Frontier Town - Game Resource Generation Assigning characters on various infrastructure around the town will allow you to interact to yield rewards. Player-owned characters may increase the productivity of the infrastructures through various skills and interactions.


  • Abyss Rift The game's main combat stages which reward players with various materials and items upon clearing. Unique Abyss Rifts and Race Abyss Rifts will provide rewards of higher values.

  • Team Tag Battle (2022 Q4) Seasonal competitive PvE raid content in which players challenge against single raid boss using multiple characters. Each player's score is ranked on the global ranking board and various rewards will be awarded for participants based on resulting rankings at the end of each season.


  • Miracle Arena Players are ranked as a result of player versus player battle using NFT charcters they own. Players will receive various rewards including SFTY at the end of each season according to their ranks.

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