Key Features

Stella Fantasy features various contents for acquiring and interacting with tokens and NFTs.

Frontier Town

Frontier Town will directly relate to asset acquisition, allowing players to gain resources needed for various activities and character enhancements by managing their town.

Abyss Rift

Combat play in Abyss Rifts will include both PvE/PvP elements.

In rare occasions, players will encounter certain Unique Abyss Rifts which offer greater rewards compared to other single player contents.

PvP / Competition

Players may engage in various types of competitive contents such as PvP combat and Ranked PvE challenges allowing both PvP and PvE enthusiasts to fully enjoy the pleasure of character growth.

These competitive contents will offer large amount of seasonal rewards and will act as a long-term goal to offer consistent replay value for many players.


Players can acquire and enhance NFTs such as characters, gears and runes through private land and Abyss Rifts.

Players may choose to trade these NFTs in the Marketplace or spend them to enhance the player's team for growth in order to challenge against more difficult contents which yield better rewards.

There are 3 types of NFTs in Stella Fantasy.

  • Characters

  • Equipment

  • Runes (2023)

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