Players will face more dangerous foes as they progress through the world of Stella Fantasy. Facing against powerful foes will require more than leveling up characters, and players will need to further enhance their characters by strengthening them with better equipment. This equipment can be crafted from players' private lands using materials they gained from their lands and combats.

Equipment in Stella Fantasy can be turned into NFTs for trading with other players in the marketplace. High-tier equipment require rarer materials for crafting, and their values may be reflected when trading in the marketplace. These NFTs will have traditional fantasy-like appearances to minimize the entry barrier.

Each equipment will have two types of options - main options and sub options. Every equipment has its main option, which is fixed for each equipment's type and tier, supported by up to four sub options selected from a pre-determined pool of broad attributes. Randomized sub options will create "irreplaceable" characteristics for each equipment NFT, and naturally generate the item's unique value within the game's ecosystem.

  1. Slots Weapon, Head, Body, Bracelet, Necklace, Earring

  2. Rank C, UC, R, SR, SSR

  3. Main Option Attributes are fixed based on the equipment slot

  4. Sub Option Random attributes are applied when the equipment is crafted. Higher rank equipment has a greater number of sub options

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