Character growth in Stella Fantasy is similar to that of traditional RPG games. Characters will grow as they experience combats throughout the game - allowing the player to participate in PvP battles or dive into Abyss Rifts for valuable rewards.

There are various ways for players to enhance characters in Stella Fantasy.

Leveling Up

  • Characters level up by winning battles or using EXP potions.

  • Leveling up increases characters' performances in combat.


  • Characters can be awakened to further extend their growth limits.

  • Once awakened, characters will receive upgrades on their combat stats and skills, and sometimes, gain access to new skills.

More on Awakening

  1. Awakening a character requires another character of the type to be consumed as material.

  2. Awakening costs Manarings and SFTYs.

  3. A character can be awakened up to 7 times.

  4. An awakened character's stats are increased.

  5. An awakened character receives new passive skills - the passive skill of the material character has more chance of being inherited.

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