How to Obtain

Everyone who enters the world of Stella Fantasy will receive 3 basic game characters. They can be used in all in-game contents allowing anyone to fully explore and enjoy the game without initial outlay. These basic characters cannot be transferred into NFTs.

In order to increase the productivity of the player's land and encounter more formidable foes in later stages, players will need to invite more characters into their rosters, enhance their stats and equip better gears.

Additional characters can be obtained through following methods.

  1. Stella Shop - Purchase Characters can be purchased on Stella Shop.

  2. Unique Abyss Rift - Reward Certain characters can be obtained as rewards in Unique Abyss Rifts.

  3. Marketplace - Trade All characters, excluding the starting characters provided for newcomers, can be transferred into NFTs, and traded on the Marketplace.

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